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What Should You Do After a Georgia Trucking Accident?

semi truck accident injury lawyer | Boling Rice LLCIf you’re involved in an Alpharetta crash with a semi-trailer truck, you’re likely injured and probably distressed. While every crash differs, there are some measures which should be taken after every truck/vehicle wreck:

Phone the Alpharetta Police

Typically a crash with a semi-truck will block traffic or significantly reduce the stream of traffic. Also, your passengers or you may have injuries. Not only is it vital that you seek the support of the local authorities to help with traffic, a police report can be one of your most significant pieces of evidence. The police report will contain:

  • The semi-truck driver’s contact and personal info (If he/she works for a trucking company, be sure to request that law enforcement get their contact information.)
  • A diagram of the injury scene
  • Weather conditions
  • Images of the Fulton County Crash

Use your cell phone or your camera to take pictures of the injury scene. Be sure to take pictures of your automobile and the truck. Search for skid marks, too. Make an effort to photograph any witnesses and the truck driver. Search for other evidence of the crash or damaged signs.

Take Notes Describing the Georgia Injury

If not, type the info into your cell phone. Write down any observations which you make at the scene of the crash. Make sure to notice any statements the truck driver may make like, “I am sorry,” or “I did not see you.” The exact same goes for witnesses who may have heard statements the motorist made.

Get Statements and Contact Information From Witnesses

Their statements and witnesses statements can be priceless in your claim against the truck business or the truck driver. Make sure you get as much contact information as possible, since you might want to get back to these witnesses after the injury clears. Be sure to write down what the witness saw, as well.

Look for Surveillance Cameras

Look close to the accident scene for surveillance cameras and notice where they are located. It’s possible for you to notice them situated near companies, schools, or city or state owned light posts.

It’s crucial that you return to the scene when you’re well enough. It may be significant to document things that someone may have moved since the day of the injury.

Damages for an Alpharetta Truck Injury

When you’ve sustained injuries in a trucking accident, it’s important to speak to an experienced trucking injury lawyer to file a claim on your behalf and to discuss a resolution with the insurance company where necessary. Perhaps you are eligible for damages for your injuries including:

  • Abrasions, wounds, scrapes, bruises, and contusions
  • Burns[1]
  • Whiplash and back strain
  • Disc hernias

Along with damages for injuries,  you may be able to get damages for:

  • Prices of gas and parking fees when commuting to clinical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Pain, suffering, and mental distress

Contact an Alpharetta Truck Injury Lawyer

You may be eligible for compensation for your losses if you or a loved one has experienced any harm following a truck crash. It is essential to talk to a seasoned Alpharetta truck injury lawyer who can determine if the truck driver and/or the firm broken any national or Georgia regulations.






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