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Watch Out For Harley-Davidson Brake Defects

Back view of senior couple legs with boots sitting over motorcycle ready to goHundreds of thousands of people ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles every day in Georgia and across the United States. Like any other type of motor vehicle, riding a Harley comes with risks of crashing, which can result in serious injuries to riders. In recent months, Harley riders have reported numerous accidents or near-accidents due to one specific issue–brake failure.

The reports involve models that were built from 2008 to 2011 and these models are outfitted with anti-lock brake systems. Anti-lock brakes are specifically designed to avoid accidents by helping the motorcyclist keep a grip on the road when they are forced to suddenly slam on the brakes. Losing grip on the road can result in skidding or sliding, which often causes serious injuries to riders.

Unfortunately, this new safety feature seems to not always be so safe. Several riders have made reports with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding sudden failure of their brakes while their bikes were in motion. Three crashes, injuries to two motorcyclists, and many more narrowly-avoided accidents have happened because of brake failure with no warning to riders. Due to the number of reports regarding the same issue, NHTSA has started an investigation1 into the size of the problem and whether it is due to an inherent defect in the braking system. If it is determined to be a widespread safety issue, NHTSA will likely want Harley-Davidson to issue a recall for around 430,000 bikes to either repair or replace the braking systems to avoid future crashes.

Pay Attention to Vehicle Recalls

It is very important for all motorcycle and car drivers to pay attention to recalls due to safety risks. You can use the NHTSA website2 to search for any recalls that may pertain to you using your vehicle identification number (VIN) or make and model information. If you do not listen to recalls and continue to drive potentially defective vehicles, you could be involved in a serious accident. In addition, if another driver causes you injury because they failed to pursue a repair, an Alpharetta motorcycle accident attorney can help you hold them liable for your losses.




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