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Unexpected Causes of Car Accidents

AccidentWe usually hear about car accidents that occur because a driver was distracted, under the influence of alcohol, or other similar reasons. In such cases, liability is often apparent, which makes it simpler for injured victims to recover for their losses. However, accidents can happen for many different reasons, many of which are unexpected.

Inflating airbags

Airbags are installed in cars and trucks to protect motorists in the event of an a collision. However, when an airbag malfunctions, it can cause serious injuries. A recent recall1 of 1.7 million trucks illustrates one type of airbag defect that can cause a driver to crash. Due to faulty wiring, the airbag can suddenly deploy on the driver’s side while the car is in motion. Such sudden and unexpected deployment not only surprises the driver but can also completely obstruct their view of the road in front of them. Not surprisingly, this defect can cause serious crashes.

Scaffolding collapse

An accident recently caused severe injuries to several motorists and one pedestrian when scaffolding on a building near the road collapsed. Pieces of the scaffolding fell both in the path of traffic and on top of one vehicle. Several vehicles crashed as a result of the unexpected collapse. In such an accident, the construction company that negligently erected the scaffolding should be held responsible.

Flying objects

A well-known IndyCar race driver recently sustained fatal head injuries2 when a piece of metal flew off of another car and struck him in the head. This accident goes to show that you do not have to actually crash your car to suffer devastating injuries.

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