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Holding negligent truckers and trucking companies liable

Any type of motor vehicle can cause serious injury. However, accidents that occur between a regular passenger car and a large tractor trailer truck can be particularly devastating. Tractor trailers are significantly larger than cars or SUVs, they may weigh up to 80,000 pounds if the trailer is fully loaded, and they have far more powerful engines than smaller vehicles.

When one of these large trucks collides with a smaller car, the motorists in the car have little protection from injury. Furthermore, when a tractor trailer is in an accident, the trailer may swing into other lanes or even “jackknife,” when the trailer folds on its hinge to be perpendicular to the truck cab. These types of accidents may involve several cars, and many victims may suffer injury.

Moreover, the types of injuries that victims of tractor trailer accidents suffer are often severe or even fatal. Cars may be crushed or may become stuck under the trailer in an accident, often leaving victims permanently disabled or disfigured, that is, if they even survive. If the accident was not their fault, truck accident victims deserve to be fully reimbursed for all medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses by the responsible party.

An experienced tractor trailer accident lawyer in Alpharetta, Georgia can help you receive the full settlement for all of your losses and pain and suffering you experienced as a result of your injuries.

Truck accident cases in Alpharetta are complicated

Determining liability for the accident can be extremely complicated in tractor trailer accident cases. While many accidents happen due to driver error, there are many different parties that may be fully or partially responsible for causing the accident. Some of these include: the truck driver, trucking company, truck maintenance crew, cargo loading company, or other motorists on the road. You must determine who was responsible so you know against whom to bring a claim. Some examples of negligent actions on the part of these parties include:

Truck driver—Distracted driving, aggressive driving, fatigued driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failing to abide by all traffic laws and federal trucking regulations set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, failing to complete pre-trip inspections.

Trucking company—Allowing an unqualified driver to operate a tractor trailer, failing to adequately inspect or maintain a truck, failing to perform the random drug and alcohol tests on drivers as required by the FMCSA, not sufficiently supervising drivers to make sure they comply with laws and regulations, failing to properly discipline or suspend a driver who violates laws or FMCSA regulations.

Cargo loading company—Over or under-loading cargo, failing to properly secure cargo, not following correct procedures for loading or unloading hazardous materials.

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