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Risks for Traveling Students

It can always be stressful to watch your child go to college, especially if they are heading far away from home. Whether your child will be traveling home for the holidays or breaks, taking weekend trips on their own, or traveling to study abroad, it is likely that your college-aged student will be traveling with some regularity during their time away at school. Concerns of parents are not without merit, as every form of transportation has its own inherent risks of accidents and injuries.

Driving a Car

Many college students have their own cars or they catch a ride with someone else heading in their same direction. While most college students have a couple of years of driving experience, they are still extremely inexperienced overall and may not have driven for long distances much. Long distance driving can lead to fatigued driving or even falling asleep behind the wheel. In addition, many people may become bored on long drives and may be tempted to look at their phones, text, or engage in other distracted driving behaviors. Driving on the highways also presents additional risks, such as the number of large commercial trucks they will encounter.

Air Travel

While there is a chance that a plane will be involved in a deadly crash, there are many other risks of injuries while flying that do not involve a crash. First, airports are full of hazards and travelers can spill, trip, and fall, especially if they are rushing to catch a flight. It is also easy to fall while boarding a plane, especially if there are items left in aisles or walkways. If flight attendants to not properly secure the overhead bins, suitcases and other heavy items can fall down onto passengers, causing concussions and other head injuries. Finally, if pilots do not turn on the seat belt sign or warn of turbulence, passengers who are standing may fall and be seriously injured.

Train or Bus

Trains and buses crash less than cars, though the risk still exists and crashes generally cause serious injuries when they do occur. In addition, similar risks of onboard injuries exist as on plane rides.

No matter how your student is traveling this holiday season, it is important to ensure they are aware of basic safety tips to stay safe. If your child is injured in any type of transportation accident, you should first ensure that they receive all of the necessary medical care to stabilize their condition and treat their injuries. Your next step should be to call a highly experienced Alpharetta personal injury lawyer who can advise you of your legal rights.


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