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How Much Does a Personal Injury Case Cost?

How Much Does a Personal Injury Case Cost?Too many people who suffer injuries in preventable accidents are hesitant to pursue a personal injury case for various reasons. One common reason is that individuals may believe that hiring an attorney to file and handle a lawsuit will be very expensive. The good news for injured accident victims is that, with the assistance of Boling Rice, LLC in Alpharetta, filing a personal injury claim against a negligent party requires no costs up front from you. Additionally, you do not pay any fee unless you win your case. For this reason, there is not a financial risk in pursuing a claim and you should never hesitate to contact our office to discuss a possible case.

Contingency fees

At Boling Rice, LLC, we handle every personal injury case on a contingency fee1 basis. This means that our office covers all of the costs of investigating your case and only collects a fee from you if we successfully handle your claim and you are able to recover through a settlement agreement or at trial. This furthermore means that the quality of our work is directly tied to whether or not we get paid, which gives us a greater incentive to work with the utmost diligence and commitment in every individual case. In short, our success depends upon your success.

Additionally, personal injury claims can be expensive, especially complicated cases or matters that go to trial. The costs associated with these cases often make it cost-prohibitive for injured individuals to pursue a claim on their own or without a contingency fee arrangement. We believe that every injured person deserves the recovery to which they are legally entitled and, therefore, make the fee arrangements as beneficial for you as possible.

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If you have sustained a serious injury, you are likely already stressed and do not want to add the additional pressure of a court claim. However, the personal injury lawyers at Boling Rice, LLC will address all of your concerns and answer any questions you have to help you make the right decision in your individual situation. We always offer free consultations and case evaluations, so please do not hesitate to contact our Alpharetta, Georgia office at 770-355-0780 for assistance today.



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