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How Long Should You Wait to Discuss Your Car Accident with a Lawyer?

The days and weeks after a car accident can be confusing and stressful. Unless you have had experience with a personal injury case before, the process of obtaining compensation for your injuries can seem complicated and daunting. You may think that you need to wait to determine the full extent of your injuries or how long you will need to be out of work before you speak to an attorney. In reality, the best course of action is to talk to a lawyer right away, as doing so will ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you obtain as much compensation as you can.

What Retaining an Attorney Will Do for You

Many car accident victims are confused about the role an attorney will play in a car accident case, particularly if the other party is conceding liability (which means that the case will probably not go to trial). Here are some of the specific ways in which a lawyer can help you after you have been injured in an accident:

  • Determine Whether You Have a Claim – Not every car accident entitles victims to compensation. When you meet with a lawyer, he or she will review the facts of your case and let you know whether or not you may have a legal claim.
  • Protect Your Rights   The things that you say to other people after an accident can have an impact on your ability to recover compensation for your losses. When you retain a lawyer, he or she will communicate with other parties with an interest in your case on your behalf, thereby protecting your legal rights.
  • Negotiate on Your Behalf – Negotiating a settlement is often the most important part of a car accident case. Doing so effectively requires a thorough understanding of Georgia law as well as an ability to accurately determine what a case is worth. Your attorney will negotiate for you, ensuring that any settlement you accept adequately compensates you for the losses you have sustained.

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