Tips For Hiring A Trial Lawyer

Several Helpful Tips For Hiring A Trial Lawyer

Hiring any lawyer can be a very stressful process.  Especially when you are severely injured and need a good trial lawyer who can take care of you and your family during your time of need.  

You may have noticed we said “trial lawyer” not “personal injury lawyer.”  Why?  Because the two are not the same and we believe hiring a trial lawyer for your personal injury claim or case is a requirement.  A personal injury attorney may not actual try cases.  Instead they may just settle claims and move on and if he or she cannot settle the claim they will refer the case out to a trial lawyer. 

This is fine and well if all goes well but in our experience, true value and great results are achieved for clients when the insurance company knows the injury victim has hired a trial lawyer from the very beginning who is not afraid to take the case to trial if necessary.  So how do you find a good trial lawyer to handle your claim or case.  Below are a few tips we think will help you narrow your search.   

Specific Experience Matters

You probably already are aware that finding someone with experience is important.  What you may not realize is that not all legal experience is the same.  When it comes to hiring a trial lawyer for a personal injury matter, experience handling and trying the specific type of personal injury case you have is important.  

Whether it is a car accident case; a tractor-trailer accident case; or a product liability case, you want to find someone who has experience with those particular cases.  For example, you may not want a lawyer who has only handled car accident cases to handle a product liability case or vice versa.    

Narrow The List And Review Their Track Record

Hopefully by looking for specific experience you are able to narrow the list of perspective trial lawyers down to a handful.  Next, we recommend looking at each lawyer’s record.  See if you can find specific case results in matters similar to yours.  Have they been recognized by their peers or won any awards.  

Read reviews left by past clients to get a feel for how others have liked or disliked their experiences with the lawyer.  In this day and age, reviews are everywhere.  

Narrow The List Again And Speak To Each Lawyer

We recommend that once you have narrowed your list of prospective trial lawyers down to just a few, call each of them.  Often times you can get a good feel for the lawyer by just discussing your matter with them on the phone.  Sometimes you will even get the cold shoulder to such a discussion and can mark that lawyer off the list if you want too.   

After having a phone consultation with the lawyers remaining and assuming you have not taken the list down to one lawyer already, it may be wise to meet in person with each lawyer to see them in person and talk further about your matter.  Again, you may get push back from some lawyers who do not want to go through such a selection process.  If so, you may want to cross them off your list. 

The trial lawyers at Boling Rice LLC always are more than willing to give potential clients whatever time they need to vet us for possible representation.  Whether it is a phone consultation or an in person meeting, we are happy to spend whatever time is necessary to help potential clients choose the trial lawyer that suits them best for their case.  Injury victims should demand nothing less from any firm they are interested in retaining.