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Flatbed Truck Accidents Can Be Deadly

Green TruckAll accidents involving commercial trucks can be serious and can cause catastrophic injuries.1 However, certain types of trucks have a greater risk of causing additional injuries than others. For example, tanker trucks carrying gasoline can leak and cause fires or explosions following a collision. Another type of commercial truck that can be particularly dangerous is the flatbed truck.

Instead of a traditional trailer, a flatbed truck predictably pulls a flat surface without walls that is meant to carry over-sized, heavy, or unwieldy cargo such as heavy machinery, concrete slabs, lumber, or even prefabricated houses. If the truck is involved in a collision, the cargo can shift or fall completely off the trailer. Heavy pieces of cargo in the road can lead to subsequent collisions if oncoming traffic is unable to stop in time. Additionally, cargo has been known to fall on top of surrounding vehicles and often instantly kills the motorists.

Who is responsible for injuries?

If a flatbed truck2 accident causes injuries or death, someone should be held responsible if they acted in a negligent manner. If the driver made an error—such as impaired driving, distracted driving, or speeding—they and their employer may be found negligent and liable for all resulting injuries. However, if a truck is involved in an accident at no fault of the driver and the cargo falls off because it was not properly secured, the party responsible for loading the truck may be held responsible. Determining who is the negligent party or parties often requires extensive investigation.

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Commercial truck accident accidents can be extremely complex for many reasons, from the multiple parties who may be negligent to the multiple vehicles that may be involved. Additionally, trucking companies will work to avoid liability whenever possible, so you need an attorney on your side who has the resouorces and skill to take on this type of adversary. If you have suffered injury in any type of truck accident, please call the law office of Boling Rice, LLC in Alpharetta at 770-355-0780 for help today.




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