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According to the American Humane Association, approximately 4.7 million Americans suffer dog bites each year. Not only may dog bites be frightening and traumatic, but they may also cause serious injury to victims. Statistics show that an estimated 800,000 dog bite victims required medical treatment, and several victims die each year as a result of their injuries. Almost three-fourths of the dog bites fatalities involved children under the age of 10, and the majority of those bites were to the child’s head or neck.

The dogs most likely to bite people are males that have not been neutered and who are allowed to roam the neighborhood unrestrained. Georgia dog owners have a responsibility to properly restrain their pet, follow leash laws, and monitor their dogs for any sign of vicious behavior. If a dog owner fails to do any of these things and you or your child suffer a dog bite injury as a result, you deserve to be compensated by the responsible dog owner. Unfortunately, Georgia’s controversial dog bite laws largely protect dog owners and limit victims’ rights to recovery. The experienced dog bite attorneys at Boling Rice, LLC are familiar with Georgia dog bite laws and can help you recover for your injuries and related losses.

Georgia dog bite laws are complicated

Each state has its own dog bite statute, which explains when a dog owner may be liable after their dog causes injury. The majority of states hold the dog owner strictly liable for all dog bites, whether the owner did anything wrong or not. However, Georgia is one of a minority of states that has a “One-Bite” rule, meaning the owner must have been previously put on notice that the dog may be vicious or dangerous. Usually, an owner would not have notice before the dog’s first bite, so the owner would not be liable for injuries from that first bite. However, once the dog tries to bite someone, the owner has reason to know the dog is a potential danger.

Under Georgia law, there are two main ways a dog owner may be liable for dog bite injuries:

1. The dog was vicious, the owner had reason to know the dog may be dangerous, AND the owner carelessly managed the dog or allowed the dog to “go at liberty;”

2. The owner violated leash laws in that particular area.

In Georgia, even if the owner knew the dog may be vicious, a dog bite victim must additionally prove the owner somehow mismanaged the dog or allowed the dog to run free in order to be compensated. However, note that if a dog owner violates leash laws, they do not have to know about the dog’s propensity for violent behavior.

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