Do Not Provide A Recorded Statement To An Alpharetta Auto Insurance Company

Why You Should Not Give A Recorded Statement To An Alpharetta Auto Insurance Company

The very first thing you will be asked to do by the other driver’s insurance company after contacting them about the collision is to give a recorded statement about what happened and what are your injuries.  The simple fact that the adjuster is asking for a recorded statement should raise a red flag.  Why does it need to be recorded?Automobile Insurance

Because, the only reason they want the statement is to try to use it against you later.  They do not want to get it just to learn the truth.  If that were the case they would not need it recorded.

Well, why not give a recorded statement because you certainly do not have anything to hide?  

While that is true, even the most otherwise benign comment during the recorded statement can be twisted and used against you months or years later in court by the insurance company lawyer. The main reason this can happen even when you have nothing to hide is because this recorded statement is occurring within hours or days of the auto collision.  Many people are not feeling the full affects of their injuries this early and the insurance company knows it.  

So what do they do?  They ask you on the recording how you are feeling.  At that time you may be feeling ok just sore so you tell the adjuster, “I am ok.  Just feeling sore.”  Well if you end up months later with very severe injuries that took time to progress (again a very common occurrence), that recorded statement right after the accident where you stated you were “ok” will be played and used to suggest you are now lying about the extent of your injuries..  The insurance company will suggest “well how can she be this injured months after the accident when two days after the accident she said, as you heard in her own words, that she was “ok.”  

It is simply not fair to ask for a recorded statement.  Certainly you are not allowed to get one from the other driver so why are you giving one to the insurance company.  

Are You Required to Give A Statement 

Absolutely not.  Be careful here.  A recorded statement can be so useful to an insurance company lawyer later that adjusters may do anything to get you to consent to a recorded statement.  

I have heard from plenty of clients over the years that right after the accident the adjuster called them and told them they had to do a recorded statement or they would not have a claim.  Other adjusters have said if you do not do a recorded statement they will not receive any money and will close the crash collision accident on an city road

These statements are not only not true they are blatant, fraudulent attempts by the insurance companies to try to get a recorded statement while you do not have legal representation in hopes of later using it against you.  

Best Practices For Handling The Request

We tell our clients that if you are asked by the adjuster to perform a recorded statement or interview with him or her, just simply and politely decline the offer.  Then tell the adjuster that you or a lawyer will provide the adjuster with all pertinent documentation that will explain fully your claim.  It is that simple.