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Construction Equipment Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries

construction equipmentConstruction projects are often extensive, involving digging foundations, building huge structures, repairing long stretches of road, and more. In order to complete these complex projects that involve many different pieces of heavy materials, crews need to operate and use many different types of heavy equipment. Crews use cranes, bulldozers, dump trucks, jackhammers, cement mixers, and much more on a daily basis. However, whenever there is heavy equipment involved, there is the potential for serious injuries to both construction workers and bystanders.

While some construction equipment accidents are simply flukes and are no one’s fault, others occur because one or more parties acted in a negligent manner.1 The following are some examples of negligence that can lead to heavy machinery accidents:

  • Not having qualified operators who are trained on that particular piece of equipment.
  • Having operators who are overly fatigued, distracted, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Manufacturers that design or assemble defective equipment that can malfunction and cause accidents.
  • Construction companies that fail to properly and regularly inspect equipment, perform necessary maintenance, and repair issues in a timely manner.
  • Crews that overload equipment leading to a malfunction.
  • Not making sure an area is completely cleared of people before using heavy equipment.
  • Leaving equipment out and accessible to passersby.

Many of the above acts can lead to pieces of material getting dropped on individuals, collisions between two pieces of equipment, material that is swinging out of control, serious lacerations or amputations, suffocation under dirt or cement, among countless other types of severe injuries.

Determining the exact cause of the equipment accident is highly important for a victim to recover for their losses. This can be difficult, as a construction crew or equipment operator often will not voluntarily admit that they were involved in any wrongdoing. An experienced construction accident attorney can investigate the incident and help you hold the right party responsible.

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