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Common Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

Female Driver Knoched Down Male PedestrianWhen a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian, the pedestrian has almost no protection from the impact. Additionally, because a pedestrian weighs so much less than a car, the pedestrian may be thrown and may hit the vehicle and the ground in several places. The following are some of the serious injuries that are common in pedestrian accidents:

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) – Because many pedestrians hit their head on the car, the ground, or another object or surface in the course of the accident, they often suffer head trauma and a traumatic brain injury.1 TBI can range from concussions to severe injuries that result in permanent disability. If brain swelling cannot be controlled, the victim may be at risk of death. 

Spinal cord injury (SCI) – Due to forceful impacts on a pedestrian’s body in an accident, they can suffer damage to their spinal cord. Spinal cord injuries2 can result in loss of movement or sensation in the body below the part of the spine that was damaged. For example, if a pedestrian suffers severe damage to the part of the spinal cord in the neck, they may be unable to move from the neck down. Paralysis can be temporary or permanent and can be complete or incomplete. Victims may require extensive surgeries, stabilization, rehabilitative therapy, medical equipment, and more.

Broken bones – Because a pedestrian accident often involves many points of impact, it is no surprise that victims often suffer broken bones. While broken bones can sometimes heal relatively easily, compound breaks can require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Additionally, some pedestrians accident victims have a bone completely crushed. These bones may be unrepairable and may result in amputation. 

Severe burns, lacerations, or contusions – Though cuts and bruises are often considered to be relatively minor cosmetic injuries, pedestrians in auto collisions can suffer lacerations that are dangerously deep and contusions that go so deep they cause internal damage. Additionally, if they skid across the road at all, pedestrians can suffer serious burns in the form of road rash.

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