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Can I bring a lawsuit if I am in an Alpharetta Jackknife Accident?

Jackknife AccidentData1 published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that approximately 104,000 people were injured in accidents involving large trucks in 2012 alone. Trucks that consist of multiple parts and are joined by a pivoting joint are known belong to a class of vehicles known as “articulated vehicles.” While the presence of a coupling device makes semi-trucks more maneuverable, it also makes them prone to jackknife accidents.  These accidents occur when a truck’s trailer folds against truck in a way that resembles the action of a folding knife.  When a truck jackknifes, the damage and injuries caused can often be tremendous, and may result in significant economic and noneconomic losses for those involved.

Anyone who has been involved in a Georgia jackknife accident should be certain to discuss their situation with an experienced Alpharetta truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call Boling Rice LLC today at (770) 355-0780.

Determining Negligence in an Alpharetta Jackknife Accident

In order to recover after a preventable accident under Georgia law, victims must be able to establish that their accident was caused by some sort of negligence. There are many ways that negligence may result in a jackknife accident, as well as many parties that could potentially be held liable. Our truck accident lawyers will review the facts of your case and conduct a thorough investigation in order to determine who, if anyone, may be responsible for your injuries. Among the most common causes of jackknife accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Improper braking
  • Over steering
  • Under steering
  • Improperly loaded cargo
  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Failure to account for adverse weather
  • Driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving
  • Mechanical failure

Among the parties that could potentially be held liable include truck drivers, trucking companies, truck manufacturers, trucking equipment manufacturers, and companies responsible for loading cargo. These and other trucking industry insiders understand that they are operating in a high-risk area, and will take whatever steps necessary to limit their liability in the event of an accident. It is extremely important for victims to not make statements to insurance adjusters or others prior to retaining an attorney. Doing so may seriously jeopardize your right to recover the full value of your injury. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our truck accident lawyers.


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