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How Is a Brain Injury Treated?

Treatments For Brain Injuries in Alpharetta, GAMany people understand that trauma to the head can cause damage to the brain tissue and may lead to a traumatic brain injury (TBI).1 However, people who have no experience with TBI often have little idea of the types of treatment that TBI victims must undergo. The following are brief descriptions of TBI treatments for various degrees of injuries. 


Concussions are a relatively minor form of TBI, however, anyone who believes they may have a concussion should always seek a medical evaluation. Though concussions often do not require hospitalization or extensive treatment, victims are often put on strict rest from any sports or other activities that may carry the risk of another blow to the head. This is because a second TBI before the first one has healed can cause a serious condition called second impact syndrome.2 

Severe brain injuries

Victims who have more severe damage to the brain tissue may require hospitalization in order to reduce swelling, prevent bleeding, and to stabilize the pressure in the brain. After a victim is stabilized, they may require extensive rehabilitative treatment due to the many different long-term and debilitating challenges that TBI victims may face. Symptoms can include severe cognitive difficulties, physical challenges, and emotional instability. 

Special needs for children

Children who suffer severe TBI may not be able to return to school for a period of time. Once they do, however, they may require special accommodations in order to help them succeed in their education despite the many cognitive and behavioral difficulties that may be caused by a TBI. Accommodations may be necessary for testing, reading, writing, interacting with classmates, and more. Many young TBI victims need to be moved to a special classroom for children with special needs. 

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The above are only some of the struggles that TBI victims may face during their recovery. If a victim suffers a TBI because of another party’s negligence, the responsible party should be held liable for all of the losses related to the brain injury. If you believe you have a brain injury case, please call the experienced lawyers at Boling Rice LLC in Alpharetta at (770) 355-0780 for help today.




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