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Bike Racks Can Cause Serious Injuries

Passenger car with two bicycle mounted to the roofWhen you think of auto accidents, you often think of a vehicle colliding with either another vehicle or a curb, median, or other object. However, auto accidents can also happen for reasons you may have never considered. For example, imagine a driver traveling on an interstate at a high speed (but within the speed limit). The car in front of the driver has a bike rack attached to the back carrying two adult-sized bicycles. Suddenly, and without warning, one of the bikes comes flying off the back of the vehicle and collides into the front of the rear car.

As you can imagine, this can cause serious damage to the rear car and, in particularly tragic circumstances, may go through the windshield and cause fatal injuries. In addition, the driver will likely lose control following the impact and may collide into other vehicles or objects, causing more damage and injuries. After such an accident, you may wonder—who is responsible?

Holding negligent parties liable

Often, this type of accident occurs because the owner of the bikes either installed the rack incorrectly or did not adequately secure the bikes onto the rack. In these situations, the owner should be held liable for their negligence1 and should compensate all injured victims. However, these accidents may also happen because the bike rack itself was defective. If a manufacturer produced a bike rack that malfunctioned and caused injuries, victims have the right to bring claims against the negligent company. An experienced attorney can help you identify the negligent party in your case.

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