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We have complied a number of resources to aid our clients and browsers of this website in learning more about personal injury matters, trials and other legal resources that may be helpful. Our goal at Boling Rice LLC in creating this website is not only to allow you to learn more about our personal injury practice but also to gain as much knowledge as possible about your injuries and your potential case. Please review the below articles and other resources.


How To Pay Your Medical Bills 

How the Defense Will Try To Beat Your Personal Injury Claim

What Damages Can I Pursue?

Learn What The Role Of A Personal Injury Attorney Is Supposed To Be

How Much of Your Injury Settlement Do You Really Receive?

When It’s Time to Go to Trial

Why Where Your Case Will Be Filed Is Very Important

When Punitive Damages Can Be Sought In An Injury Case

Tips On What To Look For In A Trial Lawyer


First Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t Give A Recorded Statement To The Insurance Company

What Is UM Insurance and Why It Is So Important To Your Claim

Covering Medical Costs After A Car Accident

How To Properly Handling A Property Damage Claim 

The Economic Impact of Deadly Motor Vehicle Crashes

Car Accident Claims and Bad Faith

Car Accident Statute of Limitations 

Use of Data Recordings In Car Accident Cases

Tractor-Trailer Accident Information

Identifying the Truck That Hit You

Who May Be Liable To You After A Tractor-Trailer Accident

Wrongful Death Information 

Wrongful Death Claims In Georgia–Who Has The Legal Right To The Claim


Legal Resources of Interest

The Injury Guide—Offers a legal directory of over 3,000 lawyers across the country as well as helpful personal injury articles and latest news the industry.