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Are Streetcars a Dangerous Form of Transportation?

Modern TramIf you have traveled back and forth from Alpharetta to Atlanta in recent months, you may have seen the streetcar system helping to transport people on the Downtown Loop line. The streetcar system has been revived since it closed in 1949 and includes four different cars though government officials state they plan to expand the streetcar system in the coming years.

Any public or private transportation system comes with the risk of accidents and injuries to passengers and other motorists on the roads. A recent report presented at a city council meeting revealed that the streetcar system is no different. In fact, since the streetcars began running at the end of December 2014, seven known accidents have occurred. While some came to the defense of the streetcars1 and stated that this is only to be expected for a new transportation system, others have expressed concern that government officials did not take all the necessary safety measures to avoid accidents.

First, it is alleged2 that the necessary signs and markings on the road were not in place so that motorists were fully aware of the streetcars and their routes. Officials claim that having these markings may have avoided some of the accidents and that all of the necessary warnings have since been put in place. Additionally, the public works commissioner admitted that they may not have performed all of the necessary background checks on the streetcar drivers, as one driver was arrested following an accident on a personal traffic charge.

If a city negligently fails to enact all necessary safety measures for public transportation or negligently hires drivers with shady traffic records, the government entity should be held responsible for any damage or injuries that occur in any resulting accidents. Legal claims against the government can be complex, however, and have a different set of rules and procedures that claims against private parties, so you should always have the assistance of a lawyer who understands the relevant laws.

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