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Alpharetta Resident Injured In Crossover Car Accident

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic CollisionHead-on collisions, also known as crossover car accidents, occur when one vehicle crosses the center line in the road and hits an oncoming vehicle.  With a rear end car accident, one vehicle may be stopped and the force of the collision is determined only by the speed of the moving vehicle.  When two vehicles crash head-on, as in a crossover accident, both automobiles are moving towards each other and the force is generated from the speed of both cars combined.

On December 15, 2015, a head-on collision [1] occurred on S.R. 201 Cumming Highway in the Macedonia Community near Canton, Georgia.  Both drivers, one of whom was an Alpharetta resident, were transported to WellStar Kennestone Hospital for treatment.

The Georgia Governor’s Highway Safety Office provides that in 2013 there were 116,618 traffic related injuries [2] in the State of Georgia. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Association, there were 1,164 traffic fatalities [3] in the State of Georgia in 2014.   It is likely that many of these fatalities were caused from crossover automobile accidents where the force generated was greater than in rear end collisions.  The force of a crossover accident can cause numerous and serious injuries to both the driver and any passengers:

– Head and Brain Injuries:  Your head may hit a window and objects and debris may hit your head causing a concussion or even brain damage.

Neck Injuries:  You may suffer from whiplash or other painful injuries such as a herniated disk or a broken neck.

– Back and Spine Injuries:  A disk may become slipped or herniated.  It may even be necessary to have surgery with a lengthy rehabilitation period afterwards.

Contact a crossover car accident attorney.

If you, or someone you love, has been involved in a crossover car accident or a head-on collision, you need to contact an Alpharetta personal injury attorney.  Anyone who caused or contributed toward those injuries may be liable for the losses sustained by yourself or your loved one. How long will it take for your case to settle or go to trial? Read this article for more information.




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